Visual Infinity

Visual Infinity by Neo Oslund

About the Project:
I have an affinity for infinity, I believe most people do. Although it can seem like an unfathomable idea to grasp, it is still something that is intrinsically apart of us. My aim is to visually express infinity, by working with base numbers and multiplying them through movements in the paint.

Ultimately, I am creating these paintings in order to scale an immeasurable concept into a single image, allowing both myself and the viewer a physical glimpse at the eternal. essentially I am working with acrylic paint and movement, visually expressing linear values with organic patterns by giving them colour and feeling. This project came into realisation after a series of painting accidents and experiments.

The number 369 was chosen for its infinite significance; being that when ordered in a mathematical pattern, the numbers 3,6, and 9 can map out a higher dimensional infinity that greatly surpasses that of Pi. Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla, I have decided to chase the infinity sequence 3,6,9 with the aim of visually expressing it.

Daily Paintings: 
One infinity expression will be posted here for the next 369 days, scaling up the works in size incrementally.

Utilising the infinite harmonic degrees of creation as my base, I will produce daily visual expressions of infinity for the next year.
This project will continue for just over a year, once completed it will be presented in a large scale exhibition
Start Date June 12th 2017 – Finish June 17th 2018


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Stay tuned for daily paintings, process animations and behind the scene studio footage

#4 “Peppermint” June 15th
“Solar Flare” June 14th Base Numbers: 03
#2 “Two Tunnel” 13th Base Numbers: 02
#1 “Hurricane” June 12th
Base Numbers: 01