Our workshops consist of tapping into and painting with creative flow, using Imagination as a vehicle for free form visual expression. This method gives people a chance to escape rigid technique, which can often seem daunting. We teach painting with abstract tools because we believe that once you break the norms of painting, it will allow you much more freedom to create.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The principles of our workshop based around the idea of changing ones perceptions. We like to call this formula “The Imaginary Master”
– All that changes from a beginner to a master is a state of mind –
The Three Principles:
_____________________________________________1. Follow Your Imagination
Allow your imagination to lead you into the painting, and watch as it is unfolds right in front of you

2. Tap Into Intrinsic Color
Everyone has their own set of colour matching abilities, we guide participants in finding their own colour expression.

3. Finish What You Start
This is perhaps the most important key to creating art, to keep working with what you have, rather that starting over and over again.


The Facilitators

Michelle Whimbey
Michelle is an experienced artist, curator and herbalist who has hosted workshops all around Canada, most recently she lead a nature/experiential art walk at Luminosity gathering 2017. As well she Co-Facilitated the experimental maker space The Imaginarium; a two month journey into artistic expression that took place in her shared studio space in Vancouver.

Michelle Whimbey, Creator of Novacreated


Neo Oslund
Neo Oslund is a multidisciplinary artist, facilitator and animator. Neo has taught art therapy through Mandalas, private lessons, and pioneered the rotating pop up makerspace The Imaginarium: A Creative Container for Artistic Exploration. The Imaginarium had great success in Vancouver and we are excited to say we will be re-imagining The Imaginarium in 2018. Bringing the local community a bigger, more established space with many more materials!

Neo Oslund, Creator of Novacreated

Please See our Bio Page for More Info About our Artistic Process

Workshop Composition Examples

“Super Collision” 20×16 Inch
“Windy Meadow” 30×22 Inch
“Concrete Reflection” 24×18 Inch
“Full Moon” 30×22 Inch

We consider these to be entry level paintings – They are easy to produce within half an hour and require minimal previous knowledge

Here are some photos of our previous workshop space

The Materials included
– 30×22 Inch Paste Board
– Rainbow Spectrum of Acrylic Paint
– Abstract Tools; Playing Cards, Popsicle Sticks

We travel with this workshop, and it’s low maintenance set up makes it available to be taught in many spaces, from festivals to small studios – Also, if you are local to Vancouver BC – We host private workshop and lessons on a rotating basis, get in contact with us to know more~!
When we set up at a festival we only bring the essentials, assuring an easy clean up afterwards

Thank You For The Consideration
We Look forward to hearing from you!
Warm Wishes and Puppy Hugs
– Michelle and Neo 2017

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